What happens

Life Application Teaching and Worship
We prioritize teaching Biblical truth that is directly applicable to real life in every teaching setting, from Kids’ Church to Sunday teachings and beyond. Services begin with singing praises to God in worship and this sets the tone for everything else we do. The Mandate that God gave us, was to plant “a house that beats with the heart of David”. We are still discovering what that means!

Friends and Family
Community is a vital aspect of New Day. Friendships and family are core to one’s spiritual health and we emphasize developing healthy interpersonal relationships. Bible study groups are a great way to form relationships. Remember, meeting on a Sunday morning is just one aspect of being part of a church. Practice hospitality and invite someone over for dinner!

Hearing God/Prophetic Ministry
We believe knowing the voice of God is vital to spiritual growth. We teach that everyone can hear God as a normal part of your life as a Christian. Every Sunday after the service Prophetic and Prayer ministries are available to bless and encourage you in your relationship with God. If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact us.

Outreach / Missions
Find ways to reach out to those around you and share the love of Christ in everyday life and on missions trips around the world. Volunteer to bless your community. At New day we make yearly trips to the orphanage in Haiti as well as several outreach trips across the United States each year.

Learn new skills and truths to be able to experience even more with Christ and how to better share your faith. Learn more about your God-given gifts and how to use them to bless those around you. Join a bible study, attend one of the short courses or seminars that New Day offers from time to time.

*Marriage Ceremonies
At this time we do not perform weddings or provide wedding services. We encourage you to find an officiant through your local courthouse, by contacting a Notary Public, or findingĀ other membersĀ of the clergy to perform the ceremony you prefer.