The History of New Day

New Day Church SC is so named after the “Mother church” in Kalamazoo, MI.  Our religious association is Partners In Harvest which promotes the core values of The Father’s Love, Intimacy (Hearing God’s Voice), Healing and Restoration, and Expanding the Kingdom of God.  Our vision is to build a community church where Jesus Christ is worshiped in spirit and in truth, with creativity and freedom – a house that beats with the heart of David.

In 2005, Scott & Stephanie were living in Kalamazoo, Michigan serving as Assistant Pastors at New Day Kalamazoo.  During a time of prayer, Stephanie had a clear vision from the Lord.  She saw herself flying over the United States and knew she was heading toward South Carolina.  As she flew along the coastline, she saw a large, 30 foot tall knight standing inland, and she heard a voice say the word, “Knightsville.”  She had never heard of a place called Knightsville before.

Then, the Lord Jesus said, “This is a good place to plant a church.”  And then He handed her a mandate containing the blueprints for them to plant a church in Knightsville, SC – a house that “beats with the heart of David.”

When Scott came home that day, Stephanie shared the whole experience with him.  Then they did what any good Christian would do.  They logged on to the internet to find out if there was indeed a place called “Knightsville” in South Carolina.  Amazingly, there was!

They arrived in Summerville, September 2008.  Sunday morning services were launched at the YMCA in April 2009.  History is still being made. . .

If you want to hear the audio of this vision, you can click here.